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"I'm immensely grateful to Mears for the fantastic service they have provided at this very difficult moment for us. Everyone was respectful, patient, sensitive and considerate throughout the whole time and not once did they make us feel troubled or worried, or feel like we're dealing with a business... I could not have asked for a better service and I would highly recommend them to anyone."  

Mears Family Funeral Directors Orpington

Our funeral directors in Orpington are always available to help with your advanced funeral planning needs, whether cremation or burial. Tailored service.

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Professional funeral services in Orpington, from £2500. Call us to advise you.

Mears Family Funeral Directors Oprington is now fully operational. Managed by Branch and Repatriation Manager Sharon Wickes who is supported by her team of Funeral Arrangers.

We are the only Independent Funeral Directors in Orpington High Street to publish our full prices and run our own fleet of new Hybrid Funeral Vehicles.

We have a comprehensive Coffin, Casket and Memorial showroom to give you the most complete choice in the area.

There is free parking on site via Gravel Pit Way. Please telephone once you are there and we will let you through the barrier.

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About Mears Family Funeral Directors Orpington

Deciding on the right funeral directors for you and your loved ones can be a challenging decision. It comes at an incredibly troubling time in everyone's life, and can often be the last thing on people's minds.

If you are looking for the right funeral directors in Orpington, you're already in the right place.

Mears Family Funeral Directors has over 95 years of funeral experience in the UK. Read on to learn what to know about our Orpington branch, and the ways we can help you and your family.

Mears Family Funeral Directors: Local Funeral Services in Orpington

When you're planning either a cremation or burial for your loved ones, you need the support of people who understand your local area. Our team has a dedicated branch in Orpington, alongside many other funeral homes throughout surrounding areas.

Our Orpington branch is managed by Sharon Wickes who has years of experience in the funeral industry. She understands the needs of local people and the tight-knit community present across Orpington.

Her expertise, and that of the rest of our team at the Orpington branch, means that we can provide a calming touch throughout all funeral proceedings.

If you live in Orpington, you should be looking for funeral homes in Orpington. By travelling elsewhere, you'll be working with people who don't understand you or your family in quite the same way.

It also means we're able to organise burials or cremations in the Orpington area itself. For those who have spent their entire lives in Orpington, it's important that a part of them can rest in the place they've called home.

Finally, our Orpington branch is located on the High Street in Orpington itself. You won't have to travel far to come to see us, and our branch is also a stone's throw away from Coop Funeral Directors.

Supported by an Experienced Team

Though Sharon drives our Orpington branch, she's also supported by our wider family of funeral directors and managers. That includes people like Steven Mears, our Group CEO, and our managing director Lisa McDermott.

That means that you'll have a huge team of caring people behind you when you come to organise a funeral with Mears.

You can find out more about everyone on our current team on our website.

We've designed our business structure to make sure you'll always have someone close to talk to during these trying times. But we also keep experienced, talented people behind the scenes who can help organise the right funeral for your loved ones.

We also have a team of funeral conductors on hand, who have overseen local funeral services, including fleets and horse-drawn events, for decades.

We Believe in Clear, Transparent Pricing For Funerals

Talking about money when you're searching for funeral services near me can be a sensitive topic. Because of this, a lot of funeral directors, local or otherwise, refuse to advertise the price of their services on their websites.

Instead, they require you to contact them directly, at which point you might be hit with a bill you weren't prepared for.

We make sure that all of our services are priced on our website clearly and transparently.

For example, if you want to organise a simple funeral in Orpington, we charge from £2,500.

Our direct cremations are billed from £1,195, and we make sure to inform you of the costs of any other items such as flowers before the event itself happens.

This way, you don't have to worry so much about the final bill. We help put your mind at ease so that you can focus on what matters; the event itself.

Our pricing models are also competitive in the local area, particularly when compared with larger chain companies. We're able to provide a personal, human service for a reasonable price when compared with alternatives.

The average cost across the UK at the time of writing, for example, stands at around £8,800. A simple funeral in the UK on average costs around £4,000.

We price ourselves to make sure our services are accessible and reasonable for people in the local area.

Choice remains at the heart of everything we offer. We want to work closely with you to decide what your loved one would've wanted for their funeral.

Then, we work to make that happen, communicating with you every step of the way.

Traditional, Horse Drawn Funeral Carriages

Sometimes in the modern age, we lose track of some of the things that in the past we'd come to appreciate. Traditional, horse-drawn funeral carriages are one such aspect of the past that is under-appreciated today.

Our Group CEO Stephen Mears is a champion of traditional horse-drawn carriages for local funerals. These traditional carriages give a unique sense of tradition that can't be replicated by modern hearses or vehicular fleets.

Because of this, we offer the option to add a horse-drawn funeral carriage to your funeral, regardless of its size. That means even those who are looking for a small, simple funeral can still add a horse-drawn carriage to their proceedings if they'd like to.

We also price the addition of a horse-drawn carriage at a flat-flee rate of £1,200. For this, we provide the carriage and two horses in either a black or white pairing depending on your preference.

We'll also supply the carriage driver, and will plan to make sure the route for your funeral works appropriately. You can give your loved ones a sense of respect for their funeral, and harken back to the days of the Victorian era in the process.

This is an option that few other local funeral services can provide. In fact, some choose not to. But we know that the people of Orpington appreciate tradition, and work tirelessly to make sure any requests you have can be met.

We Meet Your Requirements, No Matter How Unique They Are

Funerals are, understandably, deeply personal events. Alongside weddings, these are the key dates where we're able to express the true sense of what an individual was really like.

A personal funeral can be a monumentally emotional event, but it can be challenging to meet unique demands.

So challenging in fact that some funeral directors will have to refuse personal requests altogether.

We don't like to remove choice from the equation. Our funeral directors work with you to schedule any personal, unique aspects of a funeral that you desire for your loved one.

That could mean sourcing a unique vehicle to drive through the fleet. Or, it could mean sourcing specific decor for the wake.

In the past, we've even been able to organise a release of doves for a funeral in the local area.

When you're going onto Google and typing 'funeral directors near me', it's unlikely you'll find somewhere as committed as our team here at Mears. We understand the importance of these personal touches.

We'll listen to any request, no matter how outlandish you might think it is, and we'll work together with our team to try and make it work for you.

Alternative Payment Options for Orpington Funerals

In addition to providing transparent prices with every step of the way, we also work with you to decide on the right repayment plan for your family. For those who can pay in full, this is less of an issue, but we believe this makes our funeral services more accessible to a wider number of people living in Orpington.

We offer a 12-month repayment option to spread the total cost of a funeral or cremation out across the year. This is available at no extra charge whatsoever.

We also have alternative fixed monthly payment options and lower-cost instalment plans for those who need them. Our funeral directors will talk you through every option available and what they mean well before anything is agreed or signed.

We want to work with you to make the money aspect of your funeral or cremation as little of a worry as possible. There's already enough to worry about at times like this. Our team will agree on this area with you so it's out the way, and so you can focus on what really matters.

Support With Choosing Funeral Flowers

Our team is also able to provide support for choosing funeral flowers, through our partnership with Cloud Flowers.

We can help you organise flowers of various types and in different formations, including names, crosses and personal tributes. This is part of our commitment to provide comprehensive support with your funeral planning.

As with our funerals themselves, we provide clear, transparent pricing on all of our flowers on the Cloud Flowers website. This way, you'll never be caught out by an extortionate surcharge on flowers that you weren't expecting.

As with all our prices and our services, we put our expert care and support at the very forefront of importance.

Diverse Options for Coffins and Memorials at Orpington Funeral Directors

The choice of coffin can be one of the most emotional moments of a funeral planning procedure. Similarly, choosing the right tombstone or memorial can be tough to deal with.

These are the last items your loved one will be connected with, during the event and long after they've gone. As a result, we make sure to provide a diverse array of options for both of these so that you can find the right pick for your loved one.

That includes options like glitter coffins or traditional wicker basket coffins which work well in horse-drawn carriages.

Our memorials are made of several different materials, like granite or marble, depending on what you think looks best. We're also able to provide larger items like angels or open books where messages can be carved.

Just like every other aspect of our services, it's all about what you desire for your event. Our team is only there to support and make your requests a reality.

Green Funerals in an Orpington Funeral Home

There have been increasing concerns that traditional methods of burial may not be as environmentally friendly as they can be. For some, this is a vital point, as we all need to pull together to help save our shared climate.

To help those who choose it, we're able to offer environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional burials and cremation in the local Orpington area.

Simply let us know ahead of time, and we can make the necessary changes. We'll let you know what these changes are, and how they'll affect the event itself, so you're always kept in the know.

Many larger chain funeral directors will refuse to accommodate these green funerals or will charge a high premium. But we're committed to high-quality service at an affordable price.

Support With Both Music Selections and Readings

Selecting music and planning readings are two key areas where the personality of someone being buried or cremated can shine through. These are often the most poignant parts of a funeral and need to be planned and implemented properly.

Our team can work with you and your family to decide on music or readings that are right for your loved one. We're also able to work with the reader themselves so that they are prepared when the day comes.

Performing readings at a funeral can be a deeply moving, but also challenging occasion for anyone. This is particularly true if it's a close family member or friend of the deceased.

We'll help you choose a reading that works well for you, and support you as you perform it to everyone in attendance.

Where Can I Find Out More About Mears Family Funeral Directors in Orpington?

You should now know all about our funeral directors in Orpington and what we can offer you and your family. It's our honour and privilege to be able to support the local area through what are often their darkest moments, and it's a responsibility that we never take lightly.

If you'd like to learn more about what we can do for your loved ones, or if you have any questions about us, please do make sure you call our Orpington branch directly on 01689 363001


In our memorial brochure you will find a  selection of the granite and marble memorials, headstones and gravestones that are available to you.

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