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"I'm immensely grateful to Mears for the fantastic service they have provided at this very difficult moment for us. Everyone was respectful, patient, sensitive and considerate throughout the whole time and not once did they make us feel troubled or worried, or feel like we're dealing with a business... I could not have asked for a better service and I would highly recommend them to anyone."  

Mears Family Funeral Directors Orpington

Mears Family Funeral Directors Orpington offer low cost and highest quality funerals. Unattended funeral £1195. Simple funeral £2500.

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Professional funeral services in Orpington, from £2500. Call us today!

Mears Family Funeral Directors Oprington is now fully operational. Managed Repatriation and Branch Manager Sharon Wickes who is supported by her team of Funeral Arrangers.

We are the only Independent Funeral Directors in Orpington High Street to publish our full prices and run our own fleet of new Hybrid Funeral Vehicles.

We have a comprehensive Coffin, Casket and Memorial showroom to give you the most complete choice in the area.

There is free parking on site via Gravel Pit Way. Please telephone once you are there and we will let you through the barrier.

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About Mears Family Funeral Directors Orpington

Our funeral directors in Orpington are always available to help with your advanced funeral planning needs, whether cremation or burial. Whether burial or cremation, our funeral directors and counselors can help create a customised and personalised service that will be meaningful to you, as well as to friends and family.

We at Mears Family Funeral Directors Orpington believe that what makes us different from other funeral directors is the level of care we provide for our families. We are dedicated to providing a high level of customer service, and are always looking for ways to exceed expectations. With many years’ experience in this industry, we have seen firsthand how difficult it can be when making arrangements during a time of loss. It's important that you feel comfortable with your chosen funeral director - someone who knows their way around all aspects of planning funerals and memorials because they've done them before. When deciding on a funeral home provider, consider: quality assurance; personal touch; reputation and expertise in handling specific needs.

Call today! We provide quality service at an affordable price without sacrificing any detail. Our family owned and operated business is proud to serve the needs for all faiths, cultures, beliefs and budgets in our community with dignity and respect. We are here to help you plan your funeral or memorial services so that they are personalised according to your wishes. Let us be there every step of the way on this difficult journey when making arrangements for burial or cremation from start to finish including: embalming, casket selection, coordinating clergy if needed as well as selecting music (if desired).

What makes us different when planning a funeral for someone close to you.

- We offer professional advice and guidance through the difficult process of choosing what is best for your loved one's final arrangements.

- Our funeral home has 95 years experience in serving families across the UK with dignity, respect, and compassion during their most vulnerable time.

- All our professional team members are highly trained professionals who can help answer any questions that come up about funeral etiquette, religious preferences or other aspects of arranging a funeral service.

- It is important to find an experienced funeral director who will guide you every step of the way as you plan your loved one’s final farewell ceremony.

Many funeral homes offer similar services, some may even look the same inside. So what makes us different? We pride ourselves on being able to help you with all your needs and wants that come along with planning a funeral or memorial service for someone who has passed away.

For nearly a century, Mears Family Funerals have helped families remember and celebrate the little things that made their loved ones special. For every unforgettable event, there's a plan with unrelenting attention to detail. Whether you choose traditional burial or cremation, we promise a personalised, meaningful memorial - guaranteed.
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Our Services Include:

At Mears funeral directors Orpington, we know that funeral services are one of the most personal and important decisions you will make. It is because of this that we have spent 95 years perfecting our funeral director skills. We offer a range of services including direct cremation,funerals and memorials to help you find what suits your needs best.

  • Burial or Cremation? - this is usually the first decision to be made;
  • Green funerals - environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional burials and cremation;
  • Dressing & viewing;
  • Coffins & caskets - сhoose from our range;
  • Cortege - how will the deceased, family and other mourners travel to the cemetery or crematorium?
  • Music & readings - often a choice made with family members;
  • Special requests.
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In our memorial brochure you will find a  selection of the granite and marble memorials, headstones and gravestones that are available to you.

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Check our pricelist to see how our prices are competitive with high quality guaranteed.

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