The Hearse is the vehicle that carries the coffin to the crematorium or cemetery. Mourners are not able to travel in the hearse. Our ceremonial fleet is Hybrid-powered and custom made for Funeral processions. See the handover of our new fleet here.

The provision of our hearse is included in all funeral arrangements, however there are alternatives available such as a Rolls Royce hearse, a horse-drawn Victorian carriage or even a motorcycle hearse. A supplement is payable for these options.



To carry mourners to and from the funeral, we have a fleet of limousines, each able to accommodate up to six people. You may request as many limousines as you wish depending on the size of your funeral party. 



Cortege is the name for the procession of funeral vehicles, typically headed by the hearse. You can opt for a direct route from branch to the crematorium or cemetery or you may arrange to travel via a nominated address, perhaps a relative's house that forms a convenient meeting point for mourners to congregate.


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