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"The service received from the Mears Family Funerals in Catford was exceptional given the current climate they are forced to work within. From our first appointment to the internment of my family member every detail was taken care of and well communicated to us at all times. I would not hesitate to recommend their services going forward and thank them for the professionalism shown throughout our time of need."  

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Professional funeral services in Catford, from £2500.

Our Catford Funeral Home Head Office is managed personally by Funeral Manager Dianne Gillard and Masonry sales Manager Yvonne Surridge

Throughout our site, you'll find a range of useful resources, from funeral price estimators to guides on funeral plans.

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Also covering Sydenham, where Yvonne is well know as she has worked and lived just off of Sydenham Road her whole life.
We are Mears Family Funeral Directors in Catford & Sydenham
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Opening times for our Catford funeral home:

Week Days 9.00am - 5.00pm
Saturday 10.00am - 2.00pm (By appointment only)
Please note we are not open on a Saturday if there is a Bank holiday on the following Monday - we will try to accommodate you by appointment.

About our Catford & Sydenham funeral home

Our funeral directors in Catford & Sydenham are always available to help with your advanced funeral planning needs, whether cremation or burial . Whether burial or cremation, our funeral directors and counselors can help create a customised and personalised service that will be meaningful to you, as well as to friends and family.

When it comes to choosing a funeral home, the first question is how do they differ. While there are many similarities between all of them, we at Mears Family Funerals Catford & Sydenham feel that what makes us special is our ability to offer personal care and attention in addition to professional expertise. We want you to know that your loved one's needs come first with us. This includes open visitation hours so family members can spend as much time as possible with their deceased family member before burial or cremation takes place; regular customer service availability for questions about arrangements over the phone; same day return call response times when speaking directly with funeral directors or staff during business hours, plus additional Saturday calls available by request only.

Our funeral directors in Catford & Sydenham offer personalised care to families with consideration for their specific needs when planning a memorial service. Whether you need assistance arranging the wake or burial services, we can help guide you through this process while also providing emotional support during one of the most difficult times imaginable. We're here to assist you from start to finish so that grieving family members don't have any worries on what is going into making arrangements for their loved one's final resting place.

The first step when choosing a funeral director is finding out how they differ from others nearby who offer similar services. What makes us different? Our team takes pride in offering individualised attention like no other. We're available 6 days a week to answer your questions and provide as much support as you need whether it's during business hours or on Saturday by request only.

We want our customers to know that they are in good hands with us. For this reason, we at Mears Family Funerals in Catford & Sydenham provide free consultations and funeral cost estimates upon request.

Generations of family ownership mean our team has a combined 95 years' worth of experience serving families from all backgrounds - regardless if you're Jewish, Lutheran, Catholic etc., rest assured that your loved one will be treated as part of the Mears family!

Our Catford & Sydenham Funeral Home Services Include:

At Mears funeral directors in Catford & Sydenham, we know that funeral services are one of the most personal and important decisions you will make. It is because of this that we have spent 95 years perfecting our funeral director skills. We offer a range of services including direct cremation, funerals and memorials to help you find what suits your needs best.



In our memorial brochure you will find a  selection of the granite and marble memorials, headstones and gravestones that are available to you.

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In our memorial brochure you will find a  selection of the granite and marble memorials, headstones and gravestones that are available to you.

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