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"We had simply the best experience possible with Mears. From initial phone call the service was exemplary and so supportive and understanding. Nichola helped us navigate through dark days following my sister's suicide - she was pragmatic and efficient when needed and supportive and guiding when that was required. The pricing was very good and simple - all pressure and decision making was taken away...Even going the extra mile to help us with the funeral afters at no charge and to simply help ease our burden. The company should be very proud of their service and we will be forever grateful."  

Mears Funeral Directors Lewisham & Ladywell

Mears Family Funeral Directors Lewisham offer low cost and highest quality funerals. Unattended funeral £1195. Simple funeral £2500.

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Professional funeral services in Lewisham, from £2500

The Mears Family, headed by Steven Mears, is proud to once again bring our unique brand of high quality, low price funerals to the Lewisham and Ladywell area.

Our traditional funerals start from £2500, pus third party disbursements, and our Lewisham Funeral Home Branch has full facilities ready to serving the local community. We have selection of Caskets, Coffins and Memorials on display.

We have four main sections :-





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The branch is managed by Nichola Wickenden who has a wide ranging knowledge of Funerals, and Memorials. She is committed to the highest standard of Client Care.

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Week Days 9.00am - 5.00pm

Our Catford branch is our only branch that is open on a Saturday 10.00am - 2.00pm. Please note we are not open on a Saturday if there is a Bank holiday on the following Monday - we will try to accommodate you by appointment.

About Mears Family Funeral Directors Lewisham

Our funeral directors in Lewisham are always available to help with your advanced funeral planning needs, whether cremation or burial. Whether burial or cremation, our funeral directors and counselors can help create a customised and personalised service that will be meaningful to you, as well as to friends and family.

Choosing a reputable funeral director is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. There are many different funeral directors to choose from, but not all of them offer the same quality service or have your best interests in mind. When choosing a funeral director, it's important to find someone who has experience and expertise with planning funerals. Mears Family Funerals in Lewisham and Ladywell is a place where people can find comfort during their difficult time because we provide excellent service and guidance through cremation services, coffin selection, urns, urn vases and more while still being family-friendly and accommodating for any budget or special requests including religious services.

Funerals should be personalised: make sure to ask yourself what is important? "Does my loved one want an open casket? Would they prefer something more intimate like a small group gathering with friends? What type of music do they like?" These questions should help guide your decision when choosing who will be the best person to help you celebrate their life. We have experience working with families through guiding them through funeral arrangements and providing excellent service. Many people find solace knowing that they are in the hands of someone who understands how to plan funerals.

The team at our Lewisham and Ladywell funeral home understands that each person deserves individualised attention and they never treat their customers as just another number on an invoice. They are available week days for your convenience so you don't have to worry about missing out on anything! Furthermore, we will not pressure you into making decisions because they should be made by the family. Each funeral director at our Lewisham and Ladywell funeral home branch has a wealth of experience that they can provide you with all along your journey. They will answer any questions or concerns that you may be having about cremation services, urns, caskets or anything else pertaining to the burial process.

What makes us a unique funeral director in Lewisham and Ladywell? We offer a personal touch to your funeral with no hidden charges.We have been in funeral business for 95 years and are committed to going above and beyond what is expected of us so you can be assured that all aspects of planning funerals will go smoothly. We are family owned and operated so we understand the importance of offering complete care to our clients while keeping their budget firmly in mind.

Choose us today and get started on arranging your loved ones final arrangements today!

Our Services Include:

At Mears family funeral directors Lewisham, we know that funeral services are one of the most personal and important decisions you will make. It is because of this that we have spent 95 years perfecting our funeral director skills. We offer a range of services including direct cremation, funerals and memorials to help you find what suits your needs best.

  • Burial or Cremation? - this is usually the first decision to be made;
  • Green funerals - environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional burials and cremation;
  • Dressing & viewing;
  • Coffins & caskets - сhoose from our range;
  • Cortege - how will the deceased, family and other mourners travel to the cemetery or crematorium?
  • Music & readings - often a choice made with family members;
  • Special requests
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In our memorial brochure you will find a  selection of the granite and marble memorials, headstones and gravestones that are available to you.

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