Memory Pins

For centuries, symbols have been used to acknowledge support, connection and remembrance. The use of small pieces as symbols of remembrance dates back to the Victorian era, where tokens, such as black jet brooches or touchstones, were given out as keepsake items at funerals and were a way of commemorating a loved one’s death.

These items were worn for up to two years after a funeral, especially by the immediate family and became a way of expressing support and symbolising togetherness in mourning.

With this tradition in mind, we have created a range of ‘In Memory Pins’ for you to gift to family and friends at the funeral of your loved one as a token of remembrance. Serving as a sentimental keepsake, our twenty individual designs allow for a personal touch to honour your loved one’s memory. Your family and friends may choose to wear their pins on the day of the funeral or for a longer period of mourning. We are proud to be able to reintroduce a fitting, heartfelt keepsake that you will find comfort in sharing with family and friends, and which will serve as a respectful memento to help everyone come together in grieving your loss.

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