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If you already have a memorial on site we are able to carry out a free inspection report and advise you of the costs involved in the renovation of your existing memorial or addition of a new inscription.
We can cater for any style of lettering from hand cut, 
to raised lead to sandblast,
with a range of finishes available 
to best match your existing memorial.

memorial before restoration 1                                 memorial after restoration 1

This memorial had failed a cemetery safety test and required re-fixing, cleaning and renovating, the garden area was cleared and a new chipbed & chippings fitted.

hh 359 reno before                                     erith reno hh 359

This memorial was in a sorry state sunk to the top of its kerb on one side and in desperate need of restoration, now re-vitalized with a lift & level and full clean, the inscription panel was removed and re-surfaced to allow for the new inscription to be added.

st paulinusj35                             st paulinus reno

This book in a local Churchyard had seen better days. We gave it a total revamp, rubbed
out the existing lead letter inscription and replaced with black enamel ones, re-carved around the existing ivy design and cleaned the remainder of the memorial. Finished it off by installing a Namm approved ground anchor system and new reinforced concrete foundation.

memorial before restoration 2                memorial after restoration 2

We removed the existing plants from the centre of this memorial and gave it a full clean
and left it ready to add new soil to the garden area. 



In our memorial brochure you will find a selection of the granite and marble memorials, headstones and gravestones that are available to you.

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Here you can download our full price list to accompany our brochure.



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