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How long does the process take?

We are realistic on timescales and the process will take between 6-7 months for new memorials from the time you pay your deposit. Additions/Renovations will take between 3-4 months

I have seen a memorial elsewhere can you help?

Of course, if you would like to bring in or email  a picture of the memorial you like we would be more than happy to supply a quote for it.

How will I know what my lettering will look like on the memorial?

Don’t worry we will supply you a proof layout of your supplied inscription and no work would commence on the memorial until approved by yourselves.

Can you do etchings or special designs?

We can supply a range of sandblasted designs, shaded or monotone also lasered or  hand etched designs from your supplied pictures.

How soon can I have my memorial installed?

This all depends on the type of memorial you purchased and the regulations of the cemetery/churchyard, as a general rule of thumb. Lawn memorials can usually be installed after 6 months, or straight away if a concrete raft is present. Traditional full kerb memorials are usually allowed after 12 months. We can advise you on this.

What type of memorial can I have?

This all depends on the type of grave you purchased. Individual cemeteries and Churchyards have their own sets of regulations, we will liaise with the authorities finding out the exact requirements for you.

What is a NAMM ground anchor?

A method of securing the memorial into the ground to prevent it from falling

What are Cemetery/Churchyard fees?

Cemeteries and churchyards alike charge a fee which then gives you the right to place a memorial on your grave. Fees are chargeable for a new memorial and additional inscriptions to existing memorials, some cemeteries also charge a fee if you wish to renovate your memorial.

How much are these fees?

Fees vary greatly, once you have supplied us with your grave details we will make enquiries to find out the cost of such fees and advise you accordingly.

Am I expected to sort the cemetery/churchyard fees out?

No, we will act on your behalf and arrange all this for you.

What Is a grave owner?

The grave owner is the person who holds the deeds to the grave. Usually this is the person who arranged the burial.

Who sorts out the permission?

We sort out the permissions and make payment on your behalf.

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