Mears Family Funerals is coming to Southampton

Mears Family Funerals is coming to Southampton!
Our latest branch will be opening soon

8th June 2022 by Mears Family Funerals 


Independent, family-owned and run Mears Family Funerals is bringing its unique brand of low cost, high quality funerals to Southampton with the opening of its latest branch.


The new branch of Mears Family Funerals, located on Windermere Avenue, is the twelfth to be opened since the company was established in 2016. Steven Mears, Founder and Group CEO, said: "We are committed to delivering low cost, high quality funerals through premises at the heart of the communities we serve. I firmly believe that, even in this digital age, clients arranging something as personal and emotional as a funeral prefer to do this in person. All of our branches are welcoming, modern and fully accessible with comfortable arrangement rooms and peaceful chapels of rest."


The new branch, which includes a private chapel of rest, will offer a full range of traditional and contemporary funeral services, as well as pre-paid funeral plans and international repatriations to any destination worldwide.

For more information about the Mears Family Funerals' traditional service please click the button.

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